People are what make communities, without cohesion there is no society.

We will aim to identify projects that help to build social cohesion and address inequalities in
care and outcomes.


The local economy is key in building the wealth and vibrancy of our community.

We will look for opportunities to establish new
enterprises using the appropriate cooperative
models. By keeping ownership at a local level
we believe that service is improved and wealth
distribution maximised.


We consider it our duty to be custodians of both our built and natural environment.

Our aim is to protect key sites that make up the
character of our area. To build, own and operate
environmentally sustainable buildings for the
benefit of the community and to create and
enhance natural environments for amenity and

We are proud to work with…

The Sustainable Harborough Trust Ltd was born out of the lottery funded Sustainable Harborough project and as such we are proud to maintain close links with the organisations that arose from the project. We actively seek to partner with any like minded local organisation working for similar outcomes.

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Whether you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, or doing your bit for the environment doesn’t really matter – what does matter is working together to support families who can’t afford to live comfortably, businesses who want to support their local producers and people investing their hard earned time, effort and money in the place where they live.

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