Sustainable Harborough project – an executive summary


Sustainable Harborough project was a five year Big Lottery funded project managed by the Rural Community Council ([RCC] Leicestershire and Rutland), in partnership with Transition Town Market Harborough, that aimed to test and learn from approaches to community sustainability which ran from January 2013 to December 2017. The project worked with the local Market Harborough community to develop enterprises and resources which could continue beyond lottery funding. To achieve this, the team adopted an enabling approach to support local people to take a lead on key projects, build capacity, and to improve relevant skills.

This summary is intended to introduce the work of the Sustainable Harborough project and accompanies a number of reports which evaluate its impact.

Read the executive summary here.

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Sustainable Harborough has worked to show how a focus on what people want and are interested in, along with a focus on creating projects that can support each other can bring about a more vibrant, inclusive community with lower carbon emissions.

This legacy page allows you to explore the  5 reports we have produced that summarise what has been achieved over the course of the project;

  • Mid-term formative evaluation: undertaken at the half-way point of the Sustainable Harborough project
  • State of the Town report: an evaluation of Market Harborough’s approach to sustainability
  • Learning report: a report that captures the lessons learned following the five-year project
  • LM3 report: a look at the added economic value of one of the businesses created through Sustainable Harborough
  • Summative evaluation: a review of the full spectrum of activities and achievements through the project

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Whether you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, or doing your bit for the environment doesn’t really matter – what does matter is working together to support families who can’t afford to live comfortably, businesses who want to support their local producers and people investing their hard-earned time, effort and money in the place where they live.

Sustainable Harborough project – a small team

Gavin Fletcher, Joanne Sharman, Alex Hopkinson and Denise Marsdon backed up by lottery funding and a wide partnership of fantastic organisations. The partnership represent many different aspects of sustainability from social housing to water supply, but the common thread is a focus on people and a focus on creating things that will have a life beyond lottery funding.